25-6 SITP: Steeplepoy’s Revanger + Native Speaker

SPACE IS THE PLACE: Steeplepoy’s Revanger + Native Speaker

Saturday, June 25, start concert 20:30, Entrance € 10 / CvA € 7

native speaker

Sextet of renowned composer Friso van Wijck. Passionate virtuoso’s, who put forward a broad and coloristic sound palette with the instrumentation of two guitars, bass, alto sax, tenor sax, drums, and applied electronics. Music with a hyper-expressionistic quality imbued with personal authenticity and creative interaction.

Friso van Wijck drums/compositions | Jasper van Damme alto sax | Joao Driessen tenor sax | Jorn ten Hoopen guitar | Frank Jonas guitar | Bas Kloosterman bass guitar

Native Speaker has an eccentric group sensibility and sound that reevaluates the jazz sax-bass-drums formation. Their music presents a bold irreverence for the frontiers separating genres and for the boundaries between predetermination and improvisation. This creates an environment in which trust, spontaneity, and sensitivity take precedence.

Natalio Sued tenor saxophone | Matt Adomeit bass | Tristan Renfrow drums