12-5 ViperMad + Gallo

Vipermad + Gallo

Saturday, May 12, 20:30, € 6

A night of live music. The soothing sounds of Gallo, followed by a groovy set, courtesy of ViperMad. You will listen, you might dance. What else do you need?




















FJ González Torres is a man of many interests. Postpunk, dreampop, krautrock, improv. He’s managed to squeeze all of those influences into the entrancing sounds of Gallo, once a solo project but by now a full-blown audiovisual group. Let them take you somewhere warm and remote.


“What the world needs now is a band to help us all find our way back into the groove.”
Joshua Baumgarten, 2018

ViperMad is that band, if you let them. Your mind will wander, they’ll lead you to places you haven’t seen before, all the while wondering if you should sit and listen, or get up and dance.

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