18-10 Quartzite 4tet + Myderwijk/Menting

Space is the Place: Quartzite 4tet + tba

Thursday, October 18, music starts 21:00, entrance* € 9 / students € 6

*all proceeds go to the performing musicians.


Quartzite 4tet plays (in their own words) extremely compact granular and metamorphic rock. This ensemble explores the boundaries of classical-contemporary music, jazz and rock. Their highly structured compositions, full of explosive energy, leavie space for no-holds-barred improvisation. The international quartet met while studying at Codarts, Rotterdam. They became friends, then lovers, then something more and basically became a rock: QUARTZITE! And converged together as Quartzite 4tet in 2016.

Marko Jugovic – vibraphone | Wietse Voermans – saxophone | Alessio Bruno – bass | Elvis Homan – drums

Pianist Matteo Myderwyk and drummer Remco Menting have played before as a duo. Every show was different, because nothing was decided beforehand. Although some composed music was part of the sets, they were mostly free improvisation.

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