21-4 Lea + Nat Bed

Lea + Nat Bed (live)

Saturday, April 21, 19:30, € 7












Thanks to her mothers record collection, the singer-songwriter Lea (Gothenburg, Sweden) has since her childhood been surrounded by the music of musicians like Joni Mitchell, Martha Wainwright, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Inspired by them and her music-filled surroundings, Lea writes and plays tunes, and since january some of them can be heard on her debut record Diamonds. She has the capability of putting her heart and soul into her instrument and voice, creating music that can be both rough, careful, heartbreaking and liberating, sometimes all at once.

If Mars had a women’s soccer team, this music would be playing in their clubhouse. A galactic third half filled with riffs that tickle your hips and beats so tight you rip straight out of your space suit. Weird, catchy, but above all. Nat.

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