30-03 VELDWERK: Downtempo is still downtempo

VELDWERK: Downtempo is still downtempo

Friday, March 30, music starts 21:30, € 5


Veldwerk is a new group of artists from Amsterdam that gives a stage to alternative electronic dance music. Veldwerk mainly organizes parties outside, where they invite artists for a group session open to everyone that feels invited by the music. They bring drinks and equipment for playing records / performing live sets and create an intimate setting for getting together, dancing and listening.

Since spring needs more time to come, De Ruimte invited Veldwerk to take the stage for some slow experimental electronic music blended with visual performances.

Kamiel (live)
After his live set during Veldwerk NYE it was clear to anyone present that his performance is something unique. He finds a perfect balance between live produced soundscapes and his own visual performance.

The sets we know from Merel are quite difficult to describe. Since genres are for journalists we incorporate some other terms: surrealistic, dark, inspiringly slow and still very groovy. Perfect for altering your perception of danceability.

Cantillate (Live)
Cantillate spent quite some time during the last year to leave the turntables and find flexibility by using analog synthesizers and drum computers. On March 30, he will perform a try-out live set.

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