NAAKT IN NOORD: Saunakaravaan

Every Sunday, 17:00 to 22:00, Entrance € 8

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20-12: SITP Calo/Binotti/Lucifora/Govaert + Sannety

Space is the Place: Calo/Binotti/Lucifora/Govaert + Sannety

Thursday, December 20, music starts 21:00, €9 / students €6

Explorations of rhythms and a lot more.

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23-12 MQ x Tiny Room

Tiny Room x Meduse Magiq: Astral Swans + L.A. Foster + Howart + DJ Wtch Cntrl

Sunday, December 23, 14:00, entrance €5

Shall we call it a festival? Maybe we should.

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23-12 Pleks 0.1

Pleks 0.1 – Tony Buck solo ‘Unearth’ and Duke S.

Sunday, December 23, 20:30, entrance €9

First edition of a new A/V series.

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28-12 Ditdit-dada-ditdit

Ditdit-dada-ditdit – Kerst

Friday, December 28, 19:00

Een innige kerstachtige verstrengeling van diner, dans, muziek, poëzie en theater.

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30-12 JIM EN DAANS Bovenstebeste Pubquiz

JIM EN DAANS Bovenstebeste Pubquiz #16

Zondag 30 december, 15:30, entree € 4,50

De pubquiz van De Ruimte, door Jim Glerum (quizvragenschrijver bij Met Het Mes Op Tafel) en dichter Daan Doesborgh.

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3-1: SITP -New Year Party- Scheen solo/Windisch 4tet/Heurtebize solo

Space is the Place -New Year Party- Scheen solo/Windisch 4tet/Heurtebize solo

Thursday, January 3, music starts 21:00, €8 / students € 5

A potpourri of jazz and improvisation, to welcome 2019.

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13-1: Ruisburo x New Emergences

Ruisburo x New Emergences: Glow in the Dark #2

TSunday, January 13, concert starts at 21:00, entrance € 7*

Three sound artists/composers perform, and talk about their work.

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17-1: SITP The River + tba

Space is the Place: The River + tba

Thursday, January 17, music starts 21:00, €8 / students €5

What happens when great improvisers play folk music.

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18-1 Musicmap showcase: Sofia x Amsterdam

MusicMap Showcase: Sofia x Amsterdam

Friday, January 18, 21:00-03:00, entrance € 4

An evening of disturbance, unsettled sounds, warped club tunes and ambience.

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10-1: SITP CCQ + Jesse van Ruller

Space is the Place: Chris Corstens Quartet EP-release + Jesse van Ruller solo

Thursday, January 10, music starts 21:00, €9 / students €6

Rare solo performance plus an EP release!

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20-1 Trytone 20 closing night

Trytone 20: closing night

Sunday, January 20, 20:30, € 8

A three day festival celebrating two decades of jazz. The closing night features musicians in different combinations.

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21-1 All Strings

SPACE IS THE PLACE: 14th All Strings Night

Monday, January 21, 20:30, € 5

Improvising in trios, sextets and tutti – all free, all acoustic.

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24-1 SITP: Ex/Weide/Hadow + Vitols/Dkummer/Payne/Baars

Space is the Place: Terrie Ex/Vd Weide/Hadow + Vitols/DKummer/Payne & Ab Baars

Thursday, January 24, music starts 21:00, € 9 / students € 6

A melting pot of noise, new Dutch swing, nimble melodies, and precise frames.

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31-1 Schröder/Lotz + AKA

Space is the Place: John Schröder/Clemens Lotz + Luca Sguera AKA

Thursday, January 31, music starts 21:00, €9 / students €6.

Personal research through repetition meets Berlin improvisation.

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7-2 SITP Liquid Identities / Kreis / Laura Polence

Space is the Place: Liquid Identities, Kreis, Laura Polence solo

Thursday, February 7, 20:30, €9 / students €6

Triple bill combining improvisation, folk music, and through-composed music.

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14-2 SITP RokeT + Max Johnson solo

Space is the Place: RokeT + Max Johnson solo

Thursday, February 14, 20:30, €9 / students €6

A mix of punk, jazz, and improv, and a solo set!

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21-2: SITP Jozef Dumoulin solo + Provan/Rave

Space is the Place: Jozef Dumoulin solo + duo Rave/Provan

Thursday, February 21, music starts 21:00, €9 / students €6

One man, and a Fender Rhodes, plus a never-heard-before duo.

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28-2: SITP Koning/Braam

Space is the Place: Duo Michiel Braam/Annelie Koning + tba

Thursday, February 28, music starts 21:00, €8 / students € 5

Pieces of Bredero in the fresh light of contemporary music.

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28-3: SITP Wild Man Conspiracy Radio Days

Space is the Place: Wild Man Conspiracy/Michael Moore/Joost Buis -Radio Days + tba

Thursday, March 28, music starts 21:00, €8 / students € 5

Special expanded version of Wild Man Conspiracy

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7-4 Nieuwe Noten

Nieuwe Noten: Sigurd Hole + tba

Sunday, April 7, 15:00, entrance tba

Double bass by a guest from Norway

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