Friday, November 8, 21:00, entrance sliding scale €6 – €18

An energetic duo from two of the most creative and sensitive players on the Amsterdam improvised scene. They have been meeting and playing together regularly since 2013, but this will only be their second public performance as duo. And their first performance as brand new members of the Doek collective. Good reasons to celebrate!

Ada Rave – saxophone | Marta Warelis – piano


Free hypnotic pop punk, post-rock, jazz-core. Disturbing, orgiastic and communicative, TOC is unclassifiable, but shakes the feet and heads. Playing with the volume and energy of rock, drawing its influences from Stravinsky to Sonic Youth, The Necks, Godspeed, TOC is constantly looking to create a sound in which the identity of instruments disappear, allowing the hollowness to appear as texture. They accept, or even provoke, surprise and disturb.

As their name seems to indicate, Toc’s members are quite obsessive and even compulsive. Their frenetic, ritualized but non-contagious behaviors bring the listener to a hectic space-time before bringing him back to the mainland in a more or less troubled state.

Toc invited Dave Rempis to join the trio in February 2018 for the release concert of “Will Never Play These Songs Again” at the Malterie, Lille France. The meeting is instantaneous, the agreement immediate. Could it be otherwise? The saxophonist is a leading figure in the Chicago free-jazz, after having studied ethnomusicology in Ghana, which is reflected in his Percussion Quartet where his stormy saxophones blow on the embers of untenable rhythms. But it was within the Vandermark 5 that he made his name, before embarking on his own projects such as The Engines, Ballister or the trio he currently forms with Joshua Abrams and Avreeayl Ra.

In addition to their taste for improvisation without barriers, Toc and Dave Rempis share a communicative energy and power, playing the density and the organic and the joyful trance.

Dave Rempis – saxophone | Jeremie Ternoy – Fender Rhodes | Ivann Cruz – guitar | Peter Orins – drums