Mooring the Docks: SonOfMom, Pennie Key, Loradeniz @ Sexyland World
Sep 18 @ 7:00 pm

Mooring the Docks: SonOfMom, Pennie Key, Loradeniz

Door open: 19.00, first performance 19.30 entrance 7, can be bought here.

This event will take place at Sexyland World, Noordwal 1, not at the Distelweg.

Organised by Isadora Tomasi and Angeliki Tzortzakaki

Harbours have often been associated with toxic masculinity, obscure economic transactions, sex work, rough nightlife and excess, but can they also be seen as spaces to rest, loiter, welcoming non-normative behaviours?

“Mooring the Docks” thinks of the harbour as a space that can potentially question its shaping of social interactions, gender and performativity.

Taking this as a starting point for the first performance event organised by de Ruimte at Sexyland World, Isadora Tomasi and Angeliki Tzortzakaki invited SonOfMom, Pennie Key and Loradeniz to present their work.

French Speaking Swan: I am a weapon of mass destruction

SonOfMom presents a work by Pavlos Marios Ktoridis performed by Bess Kuil

Pavlos Marios Ktoridis and Bess Kuil, finding a common ground on the research interests of masculine versus feminine energy the two artists continue to investigate through this work hyperbolic physical expressions associated with masculinity, femininity, strength, power, weakness, exhaustion. Both graduates of AHK de theaterschool 2016 and 2017 respectively continue to contribute to the field of performance. The first as a maker and host, the second one as a performer and dance teacher.

Pennie Key – Do You Hit Women?

Do You Hit Women? Is a piece about gendered bodies and their abilities. Is it OK for a man to fight a woman? What are the boundaries of consent? What are the boundaries of violence? Join us to see Pennie exploring the strengths and limitations of the/her female body.

“Hitting women, then, becomes the physical expression of men’s re- worked gender habitus, forged through the shared histories of men and women learning how to fight together, and therein learning to engage with one another outside of the bounds of typical, patriarchal gender norms.”- Alex Channon.

Pennie Key (Penelope Koliopoulou). Multidisciplinary artist, born in Athens. She lived in London during the 2010s and received her MFA in Fine Arts from Goldsmiths in 2016. She is currently based in Amsterdam where she’s a 2020-2021 resident at the Rijksakademie. Her work is largely about power dynamics, sexuality, and gender. It’s intimate, intense, and personal. She has a make-do aesthetic and prefers to use cheap, democratic materials, such as tape and photocopies. Important part of her research comes from practicing Martial Arts and various forms of Sex Work.

Loradeniz – DJ set

Loradeniz is an Istanbul-born and raised, Amsterdam-based music artist with an authentic heart and a true raver’s spirit. She flexes her triple-threat skills as a pianist, producer, and DJ with a master in sound design & a bachelor in music production as a technical foundation as well as her studies in the conservatory in classical piano.

Loradeniz started to look for her own sound when she settled In Amsterdam after finishing her studies in music. Being a long-time music digger and having a background in classical music to composing contemporary music, scoring for screen to singing, she separates herself from many others. She plays a monthly show at Radio TNP and is regularly featured on other radios. Check out her released music, well-crafted and musical journey that shows her storytelling abilities covering experimental, ambient, electro, breaks, wave, and more.

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst en het Fonds Podiumkunsten.

Space Impro: Kapok + trio Kis/Mulder/Lumley @ De Ruimte
Sep 23 @ 8:30 pm

Space Impro: Kapok + trio Kis/Mulder/Lumley

Doors open: 20.00 / Music 20.30, entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)

If you want to attend, please send a reservation e-mail to The concerts will be inside, and have limited capacity.


Two very special trios this evening, both characterized by musicians, who deliberately stay off the beaten track and welcome influences from all over the world to include in their musical quest. It is also one of the final concerts of the unique Kapok trio, so make sure you are there for the last opportunity to experience their fireworks on the stage!


A new, vibrant trio feat. pianist Nora Mulder, Aaron Lumley on bass and Dodó Kis on recorder.
All three musicians are active in the world of composed as well as improvised music, but also in other fields such as musical theatre, noise and performance art. Each of the musicians deliberately stays off the beaten track and chooses his / her own path without conforming to standard performing practices, styles, genres, tastes or habits. Together they are ready to explore their instruments in different ways and search for the ultimate musical experience!

Dodó Kis – recorder | Nora Mulder – piano | Aaron Lumley – double bass

Kapok is one of the most notable young bands in the current Dutch music scene. The band is known for their rhythmic fireworks and infectious interaction, as well as for the crackling, unpredictable energy of their live shows. Kapok steals from all kinds of music, including funk rock, classical music, free improvisation and African music – a collection of influences that sounds improbable, but in the music go together very naturally.

Added to this is the unique instrumentation of horn, guitar & drums and the ability of the players to literally play with the music, which ensures that no two concerts are the same. However, this will unfortunately be one of their last concerts, as the personal ambitions of the members are no longer compatible with the commitment and dedication that life as a trio demands. As Kapok says: “We don’t do it for less, which is why we have now decided to stop with Kapok.”

Morris Kliphuis – french horn | Timon Koomen – guitar | Remco Menting – drums

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst en het Fonds Podiumkunsten.