Sexy Planet pt 4 @ Sociëteit Sexyland
Dec 5 @ 6:00 pm
Sexy Planet pt 4 @ Sociëteit Sexyland

Saturday, December 5, shows at 16:00 and 20:00, doors open half an hour in advance, entrance €10 plus €2,50 Sexyland membership, tickets for sale here.

Fearless sounds, recalcitrant rhythms and exciting interplay – it’s time to enjoy the best of the Amsterdam adventurous music scene and beyond in this inspiring concert series! Improv giants Stichting Doek and Space is the Place, together with De Ruimte, present Sexy Planet in Sexyland and other places.

Due to the corona-regulations the concert evening will be held with a limited audience.




When everything that you have built, that you know, that you were used to falls away, what is left? When all came to a standstill and going outside was no longer an option, singer and actress Meral Polat (Lost Tango, De Luizenmoeder), like so many others, turned inwards. Into herself.
Together with musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Doyle (Touki Delphine, Sheila and The Kit) and Puerto Rican drummer, composer and sound designer Frank Rosaly, she researches, narrates, sings, creates and plays songs from her past and present. A fusion of identity and disciplines. In an intimate setting she questions what makes us who we are.

Meral Polat – voice | Chris Doyle – guitar, piano, keyboard | Frank Rosaly – drums


For trombonist Wolter Wierbos, it’s all about fluidity: of tone, and time, of line and strategy and setting. It’s been said he can sound like a whole Ellington trombone section, from plunger-muted ya-yas to gorgeous melody statements, to dark shadings in the corners. He improvises free-associative solo concerts that suggest still more avenues to investigate. Even in composed music, he may improvise—might make up a better trombone line than the one written for him. No wonder he’s a 30-year lynchpin of Misha Mengelberg’s ICP Orchestra, where the players are always re-arranging the tunes. But he’ll always nail a part if the harmonies depend on it.

Wolter Wierbos – trombone


There is a brilliant quote about reeds player Michael Moore: “Few composer-improvisers can charm a listener like Michael Moore. His cool, silky tone, a bit dry, but not unpleasantly so, attracts your ear to his playing. His compositions seem effortlessly lyrical, but there’s always some odd little touch to grab your attention… This combination of modest beauty, sly intelligence, and clear focus is entirely winning.” This evening Michael Moore plays a duo with young drummer Onno Govaert, whose playing has variously been described as ‘innovative’, ‘spectacular’, ‘relentless’, ‘possessed by the devil’ and ‘post Jim Black’. ‘Onno Govaert stokes the band’s fires with spazzy rumbles and unflagging motion’, commented Chicago Reader, and Volkskrant described his style as ‘full of initiative and uninhibited.’

Michael Moore – reeds | Onno Govaert – drums


Based in Amsterdam, the duo is known for their intimate and intense performances. Winner of Montreux Jazz Competition presided over by Quincy Jones, Sanem Kalfa sings original compositions and arrangements in four different languages – her mother tongue (Turkish), Portuguese, Italian and English. She’s in a never-ending dialogue with poly-instrumentalist and composer George Dumitriu, active in the jazz, contemporary classical and improvised music scenes of Europe.

Sanem Kalfa – vocals, electronics | George Dumitriu – guitar, viola


Class Warfare Forever, door Opening Statement (locatie: Lola Luid) @ Lola Luid
Dec 11 @ 8:30 pm
Class Warfare Forever, door Opening Statement (locatie: Lola Luid) @ Lola Luid

Op 11, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19 en 20 december, 20.30 bij Lola Luid, entree €10 of €2 als je graag wilt komen, maar het niet kan betalen. Kaartverkoop is hier te vinden.

Een voorproefje van de Grote Klassenstrijd van de 21e eeuw.

Opening Statement neemt je mee in de geschiedenis van de nabije toekomst, Class Warfare Forever: een molotovcocktail van schulden, onzekerheden, woningnood, kansen en luxe. Hoe ziet onze wereld eruit over 20 jaar? Iedereen gelijk of een handjevol rijk? Bestaan er nog loondiensten of is zelfs de wijkagent een ZZP’er geworden? Voedselbank of vijf gangen. Huurverhoging of vastgoedinvestering. Speedboot of fietsbarrel.

Theatervoorstelling Class Warfare Forever gaat over wat er in de wieg al is bepaald, opklimmen op de socio-economische glijbaan en in hoeverre je verantwoordelijk bent voor je eigen geluk.


Een productie van Opening Statement, De Ruimte en Lola Luid.
Opening Statement is: Joeri Heegstra, Claire Bender en Samir Veen.
Met: Tarik Moree, Claire Bender, Samir Veen
Regie: Joeri Heegstra
Posterbeeld: Hetty de Kruijf | Model: Elon Iseli
Met dank aan: Wouter Lemm, Bernadette Iseli, Lotte Scholten, Barbara Reijs, Scott Jun, Sonja van Ojen.  
Met bijzondere dank aan Eli Rietveld die nauw betrokken was bij de conceptontwikkeling.
Deze productie is mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Het Fonds Podiumkunsten en We Are Public.