Dividual Space: Michelle Samba | Gido Lahuis | Rosan Asmussen | Irene Ruigrok van der Werve
Jun 3 @ 8:00 pm
Dividual Space: Michelle Samba | Gido Lahuis | Rosan Asmussen | Irene Ruigrok van der Werve

Doors open 20:00, music 20:30, entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)



Dividual space is a new series at De Ruimte with music, performance art, dance, visual arts, theatre, poetry and spoken word. Dividu is a philosophical idea about man as multiplicity, the ever-changing man, according to philosopher Deleuze. Interesting ideas for the artistic brain!

Changing curators challenge a group of artists with very diverse artistic backgrounds to step beyond the boundaries of their own discipline and enter into new collaborations. They come together as artistic minds for some quality time and philosophize about their artistry and their connection. Every artist is asked to bring something of himself, to perform, something for which the moment or place has not been found before. Together they make a program in one day. 

Leave your expectations at home and face the unknown together with them.

More info soon.

carried by invisible bodies @ De Ruimte
Jun 26 @ 7:30 pm

carried by invisible bodies

Door open: 19.00, first performance 19.30 entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can).


remember when you moved in space and a soundless disturbance made you turn? Like a mighty revelation made you realise something; an entity was following you, tangentially, in unison, in anticipation, in delay with your movements. You had been touched by invisible bodies.

Now, what accompanies your journey along the four-chapter performative event at De Ruimte, are not ghostly projections, but vibrant visions shared through a multitude of practises related to the body and its many virtualities.

For the next months (February – July 2022), cyclically, the invited artists will populate the embodied and virtual space between bodies, objects, ideologies, selves, intimately conspiring with the fictional and fluid concept of identity. Their languages of synchronic verbal tenses and audiovisual scores will curb and project you in the prysm of life possibilities. 

In the process, you may be aroused by the blurriness of organs and dreams, and let go of the idea you are contained only by your skin. You came a long way, you will be leaving, because you are here and where, if you were, where we will be.

We hope to meet you there.


response by Dalia Maini

Azul De Monte

Maciej Sado

Elisa Batti

Mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst, VSB Fonds en het Fonds Podiumkunsten.