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Dion Nijland @ Space Impro, April 7 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Dion Nijland

// Solo

How was the gig?
Smashed between 2 highly energetic bands, I played a solo double bass performance. It gave me the opportunity to create a distinct atmosphere in De Ruimte. The vibrating mood of the audience after the first band caused them to be highly focused. I could put together my own musical story of little sounds, groovy intermezzi and soft whispering of my bow on the strings. The audience kept hanging in, knowing that there was more to comeā€¦ A great evening!

What’s the beauty of music?
The direct impact it has on almost everyone. No words needed, just sound that moves.

What’s your favourite record?
Transit by Stephan Goldbach, a cd of a solo double bassist. Stephan does something quite differently than I did on my solo cd (I Play Me), with similar result: creating an intimate and playful mood. Listen!