October 21, 2021 @ 8:30 pm
De Ruimte
Distelweg 83

Space Impro: Solo night

Doors open: 20.00 / Music 21:00 sharp, entrance 6-18 (sliding scale, pay what you can)

Solo night featuring Guy Salamon, Andrius Dereviancenko, Jeroen Kimman, Laura Polence a.o.
Afterwards and in between sets: DJ Phonautogram

High time for another solo night after the impressive former editions. During the solo nights the musicians get the most out of themselves and their instrument, which creates a very concentrated and special atmosphere both for the audience and the musicians.

Andrius Dereviancenko is a saxophone player from Lithuania. He currently resides in Amsterdam and is active in the experimental music scene throughout Europe. He is, amongst others, band member of the Zebra Street Band.

Laura Polence is a singer and composer from Latvia, since based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands since 2007. Her musical background of Latvian folk music and 12 years of European academic music studies have merged with her strong interest in modern jazz, the popular music of Brazil and singer-songwriter-like compositional ideas in the last years.

Amsterdam-based guitarist/composer Jeroen Kimman could be considered something of an anthropologist within the Dutch creative music scene. He’s not strictly a composer, not strictly a hired gun “impossible guitar parts” player for modern ensembles, not strictly a gifted colorist for chamber jazz ensembles, not strictly a country music geek or ex math-rocker: his thing is more about collecting different approaches, learning from and slightly warping every musical angle that presents itself.

Makiko Ito is a choreographer and dancer from Japan who creates interactive performances. In her performances she collaborates with musicians and dancers who play an essential role in the interaction with the audience.

Guy Salamon is an Amsterdam-based drummer, composer, arranger, recording artist and band leader, originally from Jerusalem, Israel. He is an active musician in the European jazz scene and known for his work with his own 8 piece band – the award winning ‘Guy Salamon Group’.

To be able to organise these concerts, we are bound to the rules of Testen voor Toegang. Please show your Coronacheck app at the entrance. For more info, click here.

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