21-01 RUISBURO: Dauw Label Night

RUISBURO: Dauw Label Night

Sunday, January 21, 20:30, € 7


Dudal first came onto the scene in 2015 with his debut EP for French label Found Toys Creative. The music of this twentysomething, who curates Ghent label Dauw, is recognizable by its lo-fi melodies surrounded by slowly building sound textures, resulting in fragile electro-acoustic compositions. After several shows in his own country, Dudal traveled to Berlin, Prague and London in 2016 for a series of intimate concerts. At the moment he works on his first album and is working on collaboration with Stijn Hüwels and Will Samson, among others.

With albums released on labels such as mAtter, Eilean Rec. and Dauw, Hüwels rose to prominence as the master of melancholy. Hüwels is a Belgian musician fascinated by minimalism. Armed with a guitar, loops and field recordings he takes you to a beautiful place. Apart from making his own music, Hüwels also curates the excellent Slaapwel Records.

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