02-02 Late/Loud: TV Wonder + Bawrence of Aralia

LATE/LOUD: Bawrence of Aralia + TV Wonder

Friday, February 2, 21:30, € 5


TV Wonder is an experimental guitar pop band from Amsterdam. It’s reverb drenched interlaying melodies with underlying pop sensibilities. Odd guitar interplay and echoing vocal harmonies wrap you like a warm blanket, while you get woozed by weird song structures and tempo-changes.

Bawrence of Aralia are a five-piece outfit, hailing from Maastricht, comprised of members of bands such as Amish Winehouse and the Jens Maurits Orchestra. Their music is the result of a rehearsal spree during the summer of 2016, which led to the recording of a first album, that is supposed to see the light of day later this year. Their guitar driven indie pop means to squeeze loads of melody, rythm and catchyness in short, compact songs.