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Federico Calcagno @ Space Impro, March 24, 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits


// Solo bass clarinet

How was the gig?
Fantastic. Playing solo music is always challenging and stimulating to me. It took me some time to enter into the creative flow in which it is so easy to express ideas and feelings. I enjoyed the process!

I would play solo sets more often, but I generally prefer to share the stage with the people I admire, working in a collective dimension.

What’s the beauty of music?
Music is the place in which inner feelings and lucid thought coexist. The beauty is to enter into this world, get lost and examine the human condition.

I also love its power of healing, evocation, sarcasm, meditation, insanity and celebration.

What’s your favourite record?
Idiom by Anna Weber. She’s great in everything she does: composition, arranging, impro, playing (flute and saxophone).

I particularly like the balance between improvised and written music, and how you can create a timbric orchestra with just three instruments: piano, drums and flute (or saxophone).