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Jasper Stadhouders,¬†Alberto Novello, Tristan Renfrow @ Space Impro, May 19 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Jasper Stadhouders / Alberto Novello / Tristan Renfrow

// Trio

How was the gig?
J// GREAT. the line-up that evening felt like home-coming. a classic ruimte hang where the local scene was represented strongly (both on stage and in the audience) and some esteemed guests from outside coloured the evening beautifully.
about our set… I was really happy with it. Alberto, Tristan and I hadn’t had the chance to play as a trio in a few years, but the rapport we felt since we first started playing together was back instantly, as if we’d been on tour for a few weeks. the musical territory we entered and explored felt super familiar, even though we hadn’t been there in years. We felt super free, yet everything that happened was very defined, detailed and distinct. Also the responsibility to play last, after such inspiring sets, excited us to give it all.

What’s the beauty of music?
J// That it can be anything you want it to be.

What’s your favourite record?
J// Let’s emphasize favourite at the moment because I don’t have one all time favorite, probably will never have. I’m picking You Know The Number by the Henry Threadgill Sextett. recorded and released in ’86. I fucking love everything about it. Threadgill is no doubt one of my favourite composers. Damn. There’s so much in there. And he gets the musicians to play his stuff with so much conviction, energy and joy. I just get super happy every time I hear his music. They all play they’re asses off, always. and Threadgill’s compositions are rather complex, lots of layers going on. I find it brilliant how his bands find ways to improvise so freely over such beautifully structured complex forms. Totally inspiring.¬† Especially two pieces on this album stand out for me. “Theme from Thomas Cole” and “Good Times” (probably the most aptly titled musical piece ever, it’s a fucking party tune!). Listen to this and all of Threadgill’s output, there’s so many lessons in there!!!!!!!