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Kika Sprangers & Mikkel Ploug @ Space Impro, May 19, 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Kika Sprangers & Mikkel Ploug

// Duo

How was the gig?
K// The gig was very special. The intimate setting, diversity of performers and attentive audience made me feel at home instantly. We could play our small duo set and experiment in a free and open minded environment. I definitely loved the gig.

What’s the beauty of music?
K// Hard to say, but I would go for the magic of the momentum. Creating something with other musicians as well as an audience in the moment is something that can surprise me at any time. It is exciting and challenging but can create this magical moment in music where everything ‘just is’ and time, space and presence seem fluid. At least, to me.

What’s your favourite record?
K// At the moment I am listening a lot to Mangelen Min by Building Instrument. For this new duo with Mikkel I was inspired by his duo album Faroe with Mark Turner and his trio album Equilibrium with Joachim Badenhorst and Sissel Vera Pettersen. Beautiful sound, openness, and freedom.