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Terrie Ex & Frank Rosaly @ Space Impro, March 27, 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Frank Rosaly & Terrie Ex

// Duo

>>>March 27, 2022

How was the gig?
T: Great, it had all elements of what an improvised gig must have. An adventure of scanning, listening, taking risk, reacting, making connection and composing a whole set, keeping the excitement and musicality.

F: For me it was amazing. Sharing the stage with Terrie in duo is something we’ve talked about for ages. I recently finished Terrie and Emma Fischer’s book, Improvising which gave me a feeling or a deeper connection and understanding about his adaptiveness and playfulness, even when faced with for-real-actual-wtf danger! That insight helped me feel freer to “play with playing”, as it were… fucking with each other’s heads… giving in/not giving in. I haven’t been giving ‘energy music’ (if i had to put a frame around what we did, yuck) my focus recently, though I enjoy taking a poke at it now and again. So satisfying. real freshness within the parameters… it was a thrill.  The whole bill was exciting, really, but I feel a particular need for a shout-out to Andy Moor for his stunning solo set. Patient, relentless, and that sound!

What’s the beauty of music?
T: When I play myself, its like i wrote above. But in general it’s impossible to define why I like something enormously or hate other music as hell! It’s in my genes. I remember as a kid that we went for a Mexican restaurant in Amsterdam, probably the first time ever and a big thing. But my dad could really not eat. He hated the music soooo much, from deep inside. It was not a pose. He was embarassed himself. Also at the back of my familyhouse there was the ice-skating ring in the winter. So when there was ice and people started skating, there was also music played. For my dad it was a disaster because he really couldn’t do his work. In the attic he had his studio where he made his drawings and illustrations. Impossible when there was shit music played!
I have a bit the same.

F: Well, these days i find beauty in it’s capacity to suspend time and offer space to experience yourself in that suspension. To not be led by someone’s music, but to be offered a space as a listener to compose what I focus on within their music. “Breaking time even when there is time,” if i can paraphrase the brilliant percussionist and muziektheater maker Paul Koek. Andy Moor achieved this for me at the gig.

what’s your favorite record(S!) and why?
T: Ere Mela Mela. By Mahmoud Ahmed. I dont know why. It touches me very deep somehow. Too deep to explain in words. That’s music

F: Mark Fell & Will Guthrie – Infolding / Diffractions
Ben Vida – Rhythm Fields
…for breaking time even when there is time