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Ziv Taubenfeld / Ada Rave / Wilbert de Joode / Aleksandar Skoric @ Space Impro, October 7 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Ziv Taubenfeld / Ada Rave / Wilbert de Joode / Aleksandar Skoric

// Quartet

How was the gig?
A// Inspiring, challenging, precious encounter between music and people.

W// The gig was good.
The input and efforts of everybody involved, the invitation, the opportunity and the chance to share the music with an audience is incredible.

And Important. And beautiful.

What’s the beauty of music?
A// Many things! But the connection with others and with soul is a big thing for me.

W// At this time,  with my knowledge and experience…

I cannot imagine a deeper ‘ human, open, normal, reachable, non religious ’ spiritual experience and sharing,  than playing the music of the moment like we did, with the audience’s listening …. not passive, but with their radiating energy.

Music…..invisible, it’s there while it’s untouchable and disappearing right away…  but it touches , creates memories , changes and connects people…

Music is of greater importance than the invention of the wheel.

What’s your favourite record?
A// La Sesiones Caracol vol. I and II” by Enrique Norris Trio. No label, so I’ll give the links so anyone can listen:

Vol. I
Vol. II

Why? The music of Enrique Norris (cornet / piano) always was an inspiration for me, and he was a great musician, person, master, mentor and friend not only for me, but also for several generations of musicians in Buenos Aires. He passed away on September 24, 2022.

W//There’s a specific recording of this Bartok piece (in the seventies) that I go back to on a regular base …. composition, dynamics, form, struggle of the musicians, how it’s recorded… it’s beautiful.