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Anton Goudsmit

Run Logan Run @ Space Impro, March 24, 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Run Logan Run (Andrew Hayes)

// Duo

How was the gig?
A super intimate journey between composition and the unknown in one of the coolest secret spaces we’ve played in a little while.

What’s the beauty of music?
Every aspect is beautiful, even the most challenging parts simply because of that challenge.  I love that musicians and the listener can be transported into new realms of emotional movement, empowerment, escapism, energisation and much more simply because of a choice of phrases, rhythms, notes and chords, all ideally played with confidence and the utmost intent.

What’s your favourite record?

Holy HiveHoly Hive. Beautiful lo fi crunchy aesthetic with killer drumming and brilliant melodies. what more do you want?