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Knalpot @ Space Impro, June 2, 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Knalpot (Raphael Vanoli)

// Duet

How was the gig?
Nice, fun and we got a great response from the audience! But most of all this gig was cerebrally very intense for me. We played repertoire that partly is 15 years old. I had to rebuild an old electronics setup and relearn how to use it, multitasking my way though all boxes, casio and guitar. I had forgotten how much concentration that repertoire needs, as the structures and way of performing needed is very fragile. I didn’t sweat that much in maybe 3 years… 🙂

What’s the beauty of music for you?
That is a difficult question. In general maybe this is good music? Music layered with exciting and surprising ingredients, wether it is served in a live setting or coming from a recording.

What’s your favourite record (at the moment) and why?
Maybe this is ‘River without banks’ from Leo Svirsky. Sometimes you encounter a record that you just can listen to over and over without getting saturated. It speaks to you in many ways and every time you listen you discover new details. This music has a particular flow and pace that feels very generous, kind and gentle to me. But there is so much more in it, it is a like an excellent movie. It is transcendental and makes you forget it is actually only music you’re listening to.