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Andy Moor @ Space Impro, March 27, 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Andy Moor

// Solo

How was the gig?
A great afternoon ….the sun was very bright …and  Milo my son came up to me while i was playing and did something that i couldnt see but it was very funny ….. great day !!!

What’s the beauty of music for you?
Its continuously changing both my own music and the music I listen …we cant grab hold of it and freeze it in time  though many try to do this …so you have to stay on your toes..because it moves fast around all of us all the time ….its a massive social energizer …most of the people I have met I have met because of music ….though that is changing now as i have 2 sons so I meet a lot of parents now as well… but the social aspect is vital and deeply rewarding .. it is the moment where i can enter a state of utter focus and concentration like no other ….it  is such a powerful language or art form …it can heal  us, harm us , liberate us  , imprison  us , transform us , the list is probably infinite,

What’s your favourite record (at the moment) and why?
Vince Staples Summertime 06 …..incredible sounds , genius production , beautiful tunes, dark powerful words and impossible to ignore.