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Luis Vincente Trio @ Space Impro, November 4, 2021 — Credits: Erik Smits

Luis Vicente Trio

// Trio

How was the gig?
L// It was a really nice one with a special feeling as it was the first from the tour, always great to have everyone together once more, celebrating and sharing during a couple of days.
There was a great vibe in the room an attentive and enthusiastic audience, felt like home, very comfortable, perfect environment for the music we play.

What’s the beauty of music?
L// Music gives the possibility to express ourselves as an individual, bringing outside our whole life experience, emotions, feelings, sadness, happiness, fears, all that is present the moment you play.
A unique way to communicate to have a conversation, a universal language, music builds bridges and throw down walls.
Music transports you to a safe place we can call it home, feeds your heart and soul I can’t describe it precisely but it’s only possible to reach by playing, a sensation of evasion, a state of transe, welfare..

What’s your favourite record?
L// I don’t have a favorite one, but I can say I was listening recently to Mid Western Drifter from Charles Tyler. Beautiful music, simple but deep, honest and transparent, it really touches me and I identify a lot myself with his approach, music with content that really causes an impact on you.