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Humanization Quartet @ Space Impro, October 7, 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Humanization Quartet (Luis Lopes)

// Quartet

How was the gig?
We were in the middle of an European tour that lasted almost a month. Although we have prepared a, more or less, guided show, organized, with a specific mix of compositions, motifs and improvisation, things belonging to the two most recent albums that were recorded live on the last two tours around America. Each show is always a new journey. Very different venues: festivals, clubs, auditoriums, Art houses, etc. Each place has its elements that, for us, definitely influence the music drastically. Ruimte is a special place, well known by this community of Avant-gard, esperimental music and creative performance to which we belong! A serious organization that we recognize and where we are recognized. Even the food is creative in Ruimte. An inspiring place full of generosity, humanism, where many creative people and people interested in creativity and humanism circulate and mix. We found many friends and people interested on, and then, finally: full inspiration and consequently gratitude and inspiration again.

What’s the beauty of music for you?
I’m kind of fascinated by this idea that music can exist per se as a supra(extra)-human “system”. And She’s peeking behind the door, and whenever it finds a “gap” takes advantage of it to enter and show all its splendor. And, we are the ones who are opening this gap, more or less scared, but full of Desire, dreams and wishing to vibrate and trip. And, we’ve already opened that gap Many and many times, creating this way a gigantic heritage. And we continue to open it again and again searching for new adventures and trips, vibrations and dreams. And… there She comes again in splendor pointing out (new) paths, new lights, new enormities.

What’s your favourite record (at the moment) and why?
Well, I have to choose this Sun Ra Egypt 71 (4 CD) box!! Its this band, this machine on hi, top, trip. And he does some noisy killer solos. Its amazingly beatiful. Pure Magic!