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Full Sun @ Space Impro, may 19, 2022 — Credits: Erik Smits

Full Sun (Ziv Taubenfeld)

// Sextet

How was the gig?
The gig of Full Sun at De Ruimte was very playful and creative, it feels like we were reaching a state where all the musicians had full authority over the music I wrote. After the concert someone told me he was curious about how I shape the pieces in terms of structure, saying the complex and sometimes long forms felt very organic. The answer is that I conceive the compositions in a certain way but eventually Onno or Joost or basically anyone in the band takes their own path in relation to the written material and that influences everything- from the phrasing to the actual form of the compositions. I feel privileged to work with such people.

What’s the beauty of music?
For me, the beauty of music exists in the vibrations we cannot identify or analyze- the sounds that resonate with us for no apparent reason.

What’s your favourite record?
Black Lightning by Dollar Brand. Why? Let me quote a phrase from the back cover of this LP: “the music speaks for itself. nothing more need be added. all there remains to do is to do”. I love Abdullah Ibrahim and the uplifting quality of his music…