SPACE IS THE PLACE: Dans les Arbres + Andy Moor (solo)

Monday, April 3, 20:30, entrance € 12 / students € 10

Dans les Arbres is a quartet of three musicians from Norway and French clarinetist Xavier Charles. Together, they are masters of minimalism, restraint and precision. The combination of the band’s unorthodox sound sources, including Charles’s clarinet harmonics, Wallumrød’s prepared piano, Grydeland’s bowed banjo, and Zach’s differentiated gran casa playing has led to free playing and spontaneous group-composing in a class of its own. The band recorded two albums for the legendary ECM label, ‘Dans les Arbres’ (2008) and ‘Canopée’ (2012). The band has toured in Europe, North America and Japan as a quartet and performed with guest musicians such as Yumiko Tanaka, Otomo Yoshihide, Jim O´Rourke and the young Norwegian duo Vilde & Inga.

Xavier Charles clarinet, harmonica | Ivar Grydeland guitar & banjo w/ preparations, sruti box | Christian Wallumrød prepared piano, harmonium | Ingar Zach bass drum, percussion

Guitar player Andy Moor began his musical career in Edinburgh, Scotland, playing with the Dog Faced Hermans, before moving to The Netherlands in 1990 to join The Ex. Being the open and versatile band they are, The Ex soon brought him to collaborations with musicians from many and varied backgrounds and disciplines, including duos with Yannis Kyriakides, Anne James Chaton and DJ/Rupture, a quartet with Ken Vandermark, Terrie Ex and Paal Nilssen-Love called Lean Left and a trio with Berlin based artists and musician Alva Noto and Anne James Chaton called “Decade”. Tonight he plays a rare solo set.