SPACE IS THE PLACE: Knu! + Les Énervés + Trapani/Romagnoli/Costanzo

Friday, October 7, 20:30, entrance €7 / CvA €5


Free improv trio Knu! from Germany’s Ruhr area focuses on raw sounds. Combining free music, rock, noise and cage in this place of space. They are easily unapologetic and have blind faith in each others as they simply enjoy their hypnotic paths. Hard to grasp. “Granulated reality, aural car crash, or your happy birthday interrupted happily….something for the whole family!” – Jim Black

Achim Zepezauer electric tischlein | Florian Walter baritonsax, electronics | Simon Camatta drums

Electroacoustic improvisation / sound poetry / musique concrète from Naples, South Italy.

Our sound is the sound of a defeat, we have already lost. Everything is already finished. There is no sight to behold.

Axis Mundi laptop, microphones, field recordings | Kaspar NonNewton no-input mixing board, piezo, microphones, tapes, field recordings

Italian improvisers from three different areas, respectively from the north, centre and south. They’re meeting for the first time, and haven’t planned anything. We think it’s going to be a suite of free improv, quoting here and there very easy melodies composed by each one of the artists.

Dario Trapani  electric guitar | Giuseppe Romagnoli  double bass | Stefano Costanzo  drums