1-11 SITP – Edoardo Marraffa groups + Celano/Sued

Space is the Place: Edoardo Marraffa groups + Celano/Sued

Thursday, November 1, music starts 21:00, entrance €8 / students €5

Edoardo Marraffa devotes his attention to the transformation (acoustic) of sound of his instrument, which becomes a source of polyphony, with continuous changes of timbre. He considers free improvisation as collective composition.

Edoardo and Jasper Stadhouders have met and played together in the past, including Jasper Stadhouders curated performances at the Incubate festival.

first set:
Edoardo Marraffa – saxophones | Jasper Stadhouders – guitar, el. bass

second set
Edoardo Marraffa – saxophones | Andy Moor – The Ex – guitar | Marta Warelis – piano & keyboards | Tristan Renfrow – drums

Celano-Sued is a band that comes out of friendship. After playing together in many other bands for almost 20 years they decided it was time to set up a duo. The connection and interaction you can reach within this setting is hard to get with bigger groups. Besides, the two Argentinians seem to speak the same language also when they improvise. This combined with original compositions gives to the duo a large palette full of different colors and possibilities.

Guillermo Celano – guitar | Natalio Sued – saxophone