SPACE IS THE PLACE: Dead Neanderthals + Yes Deer

Monday, October 10, 20:30, entrance €8 / CvA €5


FUCK conventions and FUCK expectations.
Dutch sax/drums duo Dead Neanderthals will slap you in the face with their new wave of Dutch heavy jazz and you won’t look pretty afterwards. These dudes will serve you a mix of harsh improvisation, drone and metal and play it with the intensity of an erupting volcano.

FUCK line-ups.

Yes Deer makes music through physical and intellectual rituals. They are, as a band, engaged in the friction between intellect and libido, pre and post, and collectivism and individualism. The sound can be described as a massive cacophony of writhing textures, manic hammering and distorted screeching, or as the sound of enthusiastic despair.

Karl Bjorå guitar | Anders Vestergaard drums | Signe Dahlgreen saxophone