Space is the Place: Simon Toldam Trio + Hoogland/Rosaly/Sylla

Thursday, March 10, 20:30, entrance € 11 / CvA € 7

Simon Toldam Trio

Simon Toldam Trio

The music in Simon Toldam Trio marks those little eternities when we forget who we are, and does so with a palette of tones and rhythms that take the trio from knotty avant-garde to pensive ballads, from mysterious tinkling to jubilant swings, from the lullabies of a dreamed-of childhood to the timeless here and now. It is one of the most acclaimed and versatile trios from Denmark, and the line-up is completed with drummer Knut Finsrud (NO) and bass player Nils Davidsen, who both have been – and still are – major players on the vibrant Scandinavian jazz/avantgarde-scene. Whether parading or drifting, noising or silencing, the interplay between these three displays their uncanny ability to beat and blow as one organism. Simon Toldam Trio´s debut-album “Sunshine Sunshine or Green as Grass” was proclaimed as a masterpiece from several jazz critics , and since then the trio has continued their musical path, lately culminating in the acclaimed duology LOOK UP, consisting of LOOK UP 14 (from 2014) & LOOK UP 15 (from 2015).

Simon Toldam – Piano
Nils Davidsen – Bass
Knut Finsrud – Drums


Mola Sylla


As one of De Ruimte’s most familiar musicians, Oscar Jan Hoogland has treated our venue with some wild improvisations and crazy tunes. Hoogland’s got a varied background, composing for several theater and dance pieces, as well as writing for his own groups and other ensembles and soloists. On drums tonight is Frank Rosaly. Rosaly has been involved in the improvised and experimental music community since 2001 where he has become an integral part of Chicago’s musical fabric, navigating a fine line between the vibrant improvised music, experimental, rock and jazz communities. Listening to Rosaly is an active engagement: “I see my musical journey as process. My endeavors are meant to display, document and communicate that process. I play music to ask questions, and within this subjective art form, queries are not meant to be answered, but are meant to qualify new questions.” Like Rosaly, singer and percussionist Mola Sylla is in many ways a musical explorer. Born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. He grew up in the tradition of the griots. Griots play conveying stories – sometimes decorated with music, theater and dance – an important role in the culture in West Africa. His rhythm and melodic compositions differ from the western agreed schedules and provide surprising twists.

Oscar Jan Hoogland – Piano
Mola Sylla – Vocals and percussion
Frank Rosaly – Drums