RUISBURO: Simon Whetham + Matthijs Kouw + Jogja Noise Bombing

Sunday, June 11, 21:00, € 7, or day ticket € 15 including afternoon concert Nieuwe Noten and 1 portion of tacos at the terrace

Sound artist Simon Whetham works with sounds from the places where he performs, disconnecting and decontextualising them, playing them through various materials, manipulating them and letting them resonate. In the end, the sound becomes almost a physical presence, that can be felt, but never touched. A shifting, immersive experience that will be perceived differently by every individual.

Matthijs Kouw is a sound artist exploring the relation between movement and stasis. Using a wide variety of source material that includes field recordings, amplified objects, software synthesis, and analog synthesis, Matthijs has worked on music for theatre, dance, and film, as well as sound installations. He has released music via various outlets, including IO Sound and erstwhile tape-label Grel. Matthijs lives in Utrecht (Netherlands), where he is slowly working on a new solo album.

Special guest: JOGJA NOISE BOMBING (i.c.m. Holland Festival)
Noise and electronic music collective from Jagjakarta, who specialise in guerilla style performances in public spaces: university campuses, fitness schools, fast food restaurants, underground parking garages etc. Jogja Noise Bombing is playing later this week, Friday June 16, in Paradiso during Holland Festival’s event A Night In Indonesia.