11-10 De Jommie Dialogen + Michael Moore / George Dumitriu + Paradox Trio

Space is the Place: De Jommie Dialogen + George Dumitriu/Michael Moore duo + Matt Darriau & Paradox Trio

Thursday, October 11, music starts 21:00, entrance* € 11 / students € 8

*all proceeds go to the performing musicians.


Peter van Bergen is one of the most versatile and interesting international saxophone players of today and known for extreme compositions with a musical language all of its own.

For this night, he put together a group to improvise around the themes identity, communication, interactivity, expectations, stability, and instability.

Peter van Bergen / Wim T. Schippers / Johan van Kreij / Paul Koek / De Jommies


George Dumitriu is a Romanian guitarist, violist and violinist residing in Amsterdam. Graduate of the Bucharest National University of Music, he won more than 15 national and international prizes as a classical violinist. As a jazz guitarist he studied in Groningen (granted with the Huygens Scholarship), New York and Conservatory of Amsterdam, researching live electronics.

Michael Moore has a deep understanding of both the American jazz and the Dutch improvised music traditions, but his writing and playing are also influenced by music from other cultures. He has played Turkish music with Ogüz Büyükberber and Hüsnü Senlendirici, Malinese with Toumani Diabate, Keletigui Diabate and Habib Koite, Portuguese with Fernando Lameirinhas and Cristina Branco, and Brazilian with Rogerio Bicudo, Banda Mantiqueira and Paulo Moura. The musics of Sicily, Madagascar, Istria and Indonesia have also been particularly influential. He has collaborated with and been influenced by poets and poetry, dancers and other visual artists. We’re curious how the jazz, improvised, and Romanian traditions will come together during this first-time duo performance.


George Dumitriu – violin, viola | Michael Moore / Ramboy Recordings – saxophone, clarinet

New York based PARADOX TRIO is a quartet that creates original music inspired by Balkan, Turkish, Gypsy and North African musical traditions all driven by their distinct improvisational New York edge.

With their five previous releases on Knitting Factory Records, ENJA and the Italian label FELMAY, Paradox Trio has been influential in advancing world fusion. For the past 20 years these four musicians have been notorious for their high-energy concerts throughout North America, Canada and Europe – redefining the concept “world beat”.

Matt Darriau – sax, clarinet & the Bulgarian Kaval | Rufus Cappadocia – cello | Seido Salifoski – dumbeks and percussion | Brad Shepik – guitar