16-11 Bandgladesh


Thursday, November 16, music starts 21:00, € 7


Bandgladesh’s concerts range from atmospheric spoken word songs to uplifting rhythmical celebrations. A circular interplay is revealed by the on-going dialogue of two Hang players that build simple and long melodic progressions that evolve organically creating rhythmical series of signals and responses. In the middle of this progression, a jazz trumpeter gathers and focuses the music into a collective flow, while the N’goni player enlivens the rhythmical party with colorful tunes and loops.

Bandgladesh is a world music group, an unusual quartet of musicians combining Hangs, N’goni (west African harp), trumpet, Brazilian Cuica, percussion, voice, visuals and electronics. When the circumstances allow it, their sessions take place inside their huge paper balloon: the bubble.

Ania Brzezinska – trumpet, cuica | Joris Cohen – hang player | Javier Murugarren – hang player | Hassie Dune – N’goni, percussion, voice