SPACE IS THE PLACE: Hidden Myth Quartet + Dirk Serries & George Hadow

Thursday, June 16, start concert 20:30, Entrance € 10 / CvA € 7

Hidden Myth is a multi disciplinary art project that connects music, dance, poetry, visuals and film. Tonight they present the ‘unplugged’ version – just the music! Four internationals artists tell on story, taking elements from jazz, classical music, Indian and film music, mythology, C.G. Jung, African Chant, Gregorian Chant, Greek theater, and the five basic elements.

George Dumitriu guitar & viola  | Franz von Chossy piano & accordeon | Alex Simu bass clarinet & effects | Kristijan Krajnčan drums, cello & compositions

One off collaboration of two improvisers that finds its origin in another Space is the Place concert where Serries and Hadow heard each other play. Dirk Serries is a Belgian composer on the edge of ambient and minimal music. George Hadow is one of Amsterdam’s most exciting free jazz drummers of today.

Dirk Serries guitar | George Hadow drums