17-02 Yuri Landman solo + FETTER + Beer blending by Butcher’s Tears

Yuri Landman (solo) + Fetter + Beer blending and tasting with Butcher’s Tears

Saturday, February 17, Beer tasting at 16:00, € 9 / concerts at 21:30, € 7


In 2013 Landman started collecting odd modulation stomp boxes that function as rhythm creators and looping sounds coming from a wide range of electronic sound circuits, motorized instruments, kalimbas, steel on foam, amped soda pop bottles, string instruments, found objects and his long string instrument.

Experimental synthpop soul-gazer, Fetter, makes oozy noise pop to dance and cry to. Her warm voice guides you through a foggy wilderness of saturated rhythms and intricately woven synth lines. With wasteland-inspired texts, stumbling dance rhythms, and a voice that swirls the space between alien anthem and pagan lullaby, Fetter’s sound is both bleak and soothing. Combined with her colorful self-made visuals, her live sets are totally bewitching and hypnotic.

One of our favorite breweries, Butcher’s Tears, brings a wide range of their beers for a beer tasting in the afternoon and some beer blending behind our bar in the evening. On the menu:

Last Possession
Monster Soup TT
Lobby Lud
Old Geezer
Blissful Queen