17-9 13th All Strings Night

SPACE IS THE PLACE: 13th All Strings Night

Monday, September 17, 20:30, € 5

Guitarist Henk Zwerver, bass player Raoul van der Weide and violinist Jacob Plooij present: New Handicaps All Strings Pool. A night of free acoustic string improvisation by top musicians from the Amsterdam improv scene and beyond. Improvising in trios, sextets and tutti – all free, all acoustic.


The players:

piano: Nicolas Chientaroli, Nora Mulder, Michiel Scheen
bass: Jonathan Nagel, Annick Odom, Uldis Vītols
cello: Semay Wu, Raoul van der Weide
viola: George Dumitriu, Maya Felixbrodt, Ig Henneman
violin: Jacob Plooij
guitar: Henk Zwerver, Kristoffer Vejslev Dyssegaard, Wil Schmalr
voice/cello: Sanem Kalfa
voice: Felicity Provan, Annelie Koning