Space is the Place: Calo/Binotti/Lucifora/Govaert + Sannety

Thursday, December 20, music starts 21:00, €9 / students €6

“International Creative Residencies” is a program of artistic residencies for creative, experimental, improvised and avant-garde music.

Pasquale Calò and Lorenzo Binotti will be the guest artists for this programme in the Netherlands and Belgium. They will work with Salvoandrea Lucifora and Onno Govaert, two musicians based in the Netherlands. They will create a piece that will be performed at the Hot Club Gent and at De Ruimte in Amsterdam.

The group will also perform the piece created during Salvoandrea Lucifora and Onno Govaert artistic residency in Italy (Torino-Milano-Urbino-Terlizzi).

Pasquale Calo’ – tenor sax | Lorenzo Binotti – electronics | Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone | Onno Govaert – drums

Sannety is a Dutch-Indonesian electronic musician. Her work focuses on the exploration of rhythms. For this purpose, she created a software instrument to venture off grids and bend time, to create a panoply of polyrhythmic patterns in the shape of rhythmical exercises. By playing games with temporal gestures and specifically combined parameters, she builds a world of percussive sounds inspired by genres that approach rhythm with more adventure than a 4/4 bar has to offer, as well as by the great beat makers of our time.