Theme dinner by Chef Martin: taste experience

Saturday, June 20, 19h, € 20 for three course dinner

chef martin2

Taste experience? Think of contrasting tastes salt, sour, bitter, sweet, but also the fifth taste discovered in 1908: umami!
And can the Asian cuisine be combined with the French, how does Surinam cuisine relate to the food in the contries of origin: India, Indonesia and Africa?
What happens when we taste in the dark, or feel what we eat first, or just smell it?
A dollop of rice on the plate, or a Sergio Hermans-like balanced composition: how does this influence your taste experience?
Blue rice and green potatoes: can they be eaten?
Surprise your mind, your eyes, nose and taste buds and join this culinary expedition. But don’t worry, above all the food will be plentiful and tasty.

There is a fixed menu that contains meat and fish, and the courses are served at fixed intervals. There is unfortunately no alternative for vegetarians or people with gluten or lactose intolerance. Chef Martin will give an introduction.

There are only 35 seats, so we kindly ask you to send an e-mail to to make a reservation.