SPACE IS THE PLACE: 15th All Strings Night

Monday, January 21, 20:30, € 5

Guitarist Henk Zwerver, bass player Raoul van der Weide and violinist Jacob Plooij present: New Handicaps All Strings Pool. A night of free acoustic string improvisation by top musicians from the Amsterdam improv scene and beyond. Improvising in trios, sextets and tutti – all free, all acoustic.


Kristján Martinsson
Nicolas Chientaroli
Annick Odom
Wilbert De Joode
Aaron Lumley
Mara Tieles Cutié
Lauge Dideriksen
Mona Creisson
Jacob Plooij
Raoul van der Weide
Wen Chin Fu
Niels Brouwer
Hansko Visser
Henk Zwerver
Sean Bell
Sanem Kalfa
Han Buhrs