Champion Sounds Amsterdam Edition: Machinefabriek/Minus Pilots/Kevin Buckland/+1

Sunday, October 21, 20:30, entrance €7

There will be a 7″ featuring music by the performing artists that will be limited to 5 individually numbered copies total. They will be given away via random draw and will only be available at this event.

Machinefabriek is the alias of Rutger Zuydervelt. Rutger’s music combines elements of ambient, noise, minimalism, drone, field recordings and electro-acoustic experiments. His pieces can be heard as an attempt to create sonic environments for the listener to dwell in. Finding tension in texture, tone and timing, the result can be very minimalistic at first glance, but reveals itself upon closer listening. The devil is in the detail.

Minus Pilots is percussionist Matt Pittori and bassist Adam Barringer. Touching the realms of modern classical, cinematic, post-rock, ambient and post-jazz, they weave sparse textures, crumbling atmospheres and fractured drones. Minus Pilots have performed in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, London, Milan and Paris.

Kevin Buckland is a composer, electronic musician, improviser, field-recorder, photographer and solo bassist. He has worked and played with various ensembles and artists around the UK. His music has been played on several UK and European radio shows and has featured at installations and exhibitions around the UK. In 2017, Kevin founded Quietest Records, a label dedicated to quiet, contemplative, meditational, drone, ambient and classical music.

Fourth act to be confirmed.