SPACE IS THE PLACE: Ballister + Blue Lines Trio/Mars Williams/Wolter Wierbos

Wednesday, March 22, 20:30, entrance € 10 / students € 7*

* Money goes straight to the musicians!

Prior the concert, Paal Nilssen-Love gives a workshop

This free-wheeling trio first came together at a closed session in 2009, and as any fan of improvised music can imagine, the band hit hard from the first note and hasn’t looked back since. The unabashed energy of Rempis and Nilssen-Love, coupled with the electrified cello antics of Lonberg-Holm, make for a powerful listening experience that combines driving grooves with noisy textures and occasional melodic interjections. These sliding and overlapping rhythms often give the music a feeling as if a rug is slowly being pulled out from underneath the listener while the music still maintains a strong forward momentum. The band released six albums so far and toured both North America and Europe extensively.

Paal Nilssen-Love drums | Dave Rempis saxophone | Fred Lonberg-Holm cello

The Blue Lines Trio brings together three generations of improvising musicians. In an inimitable mix of throbbing swing, survey-ing impro, nomadic chords and sincere lyricism, the trio continues its restless quest for new possibilities of ensemble-playing. Tonight they bring Mars Williams and Wolter Wierbos. Mars Williams is an American, open-minded musician, composer and educator who commutes easily between free jazz, funk, hip-hop and rock. Wolter Wierbos is considered one of the world’s leading trombone players.

Mars Williams saxophone | Wolter Wierbos trombone | George Hadow drums | Michiel Scheen piano, compositions | Raoul van der Weide bass, cello, crackle box, compositions