NIEUWE NOTEN: Partch & Sounds of Music

Sunday, October 22, 15:00, € 10 / € 5


NIEUWE NOTEN is our concert series for contemporary chamber music. New compositions by contemporary composers by an eclectic combination of musicians.

Scordatura Ensemble present early chamber music pieces by the adventurous American composer Harry Partch, pioneer of new music. In the 30s, Partch invented his own tuning system in the Californian desert, based on the old Greek and the acoustic laws of nature. To be able to play it, he build an entire collection of instruments for himself, resulting in a unique world of sound. Scordatura will play their own replicas of Partch instruments, with exotic names like the Kithara, Diamond Marimba and Mazda Marimba. The Amsterdam Partch Project has asked eight composers to write their answer to the Li Po Songs, Partch’ key work, delicate and intimate songs on love and desire in which he developed his theories.

Elisabeth Smalt – Adapted Viola, Diamond Marimba | Alfrun Schmid – voice, Harmonic Canon/Zither | Reinier van Houdt – Chromelodeon/Keyboard | Chris Rainier – voice, Adapted Guitar I, II | Samuel Vriezen – Kithara I, Flexatone | Lucia Mense – flutes | Lucas van Helsdingen – reeds, Tin Oboe

Soundsofmusic brings adventurous contemporary music to Groningen. The festival presents a wide range of musical colours, chamber music, but also soundscapes and multimedia, minimal, installations and even a requiem for choir.

Nora Mulder – toy piano

Plus poetry by Joost Baars.

Entree € 10 / € 5
Passepartout € 45