22-8 6,8 KOhm improvisation series

6,8 KOhm improvisation series

Wednesday, August 22, 21:00, entrance € 5


Starting their project tour with a multisensensory performance, Dimitra Kousteridou and Miriam De Broer, are diving into an artistic and ongoing dialogue of sounds and movements. During the performance, they create poetically abstract soundscapes and artworks using analogue electronics and acoustic instruments in improvisation. Graphite is conductive and used instead of a standard knob in the electronic circuit, making the act of drawing an integral part of it. The sketching is turned into a playful practice, the amplified canvas into an instrument which can communicate with the instrumental performer. Graphic scores, Improvisation and suggestive language, inspired by the environment and our collective memories.

Dimitra Kousteridou (GR) works on site-specific projects and noise improvisation, researching time-based acts as well as installations and relational works involving diverse communities. The core of her interest lies in deconstructing the visual identity of subjects / objects which often leads in an interdisciplinary format including ephemeral events, interactive handmade synthesizers or fragments of objects, enacting sound as a central element.

Miriam den Boer – Salmon (NL/MX) is a violinist and improvisor based in Amsterdam. Her multicultural background reflects in a love for diversity, for ever-changing perspectives on society and reality which shows in her musical ventures. With improvisation at its core, she currently takes part in different projects, ranging from folklore to jazz and free improvisation to experimental and cross-art projects.