SPACE IS THE PLACE: These Things Happen ft. Keefe Jackson + DJ Ron Ruiten

Saturday, February 24, 21:00, € 8 / € 5

Chicago reed player Keefe Jackson is coming to Amsterdam to work with Oscar Jan Hoogland on music they collect for These Things Happen. Radical beauty in a resetting of the boundaries of jazz. Next to originals from Hoogland, Jackson and Vitols, pieces of Dewey Redman, Herbie Nichols, Thelonious Monk, Cor Fuhler, Misha Mengelberg and Duke Ellington get paired to different musical concepts, feedbacking the Amsterdam and Chicago approaches to jazz and improvisation in an ever forward moving conversation.

Keefe Jackson – reeds | Oscar Jan Hoogland – piano | Uldis Vitols – double bass | Onno Govaert – drums

Chicago Amsterdam

“If I play a perpendicular sound in Amsterdam it’s a linguistic act: a thought translated into music.
In Amsterdam I talk with music.
If I play a perpendicular sound in Chicago it’s a perpendicular sound
In Chicago I paint with music.”

“That’s beyond ‘my music’ – ‘your music’
yes offcourse Jazz: it’s my music too
like all the furniture of live that is important to me
It’s wonderful that my approach to the music is freed from a distance that in other places is essential and beautiful. In return we get to be in, we get to be rooted, we can paint. And with me not necessarily on the canvas within the square but everywhere. That’s where I hope to help out a bit in return. From Amsterdam with love.” –

-Oscar Jan Hoogland