28-1 Super8 Filmfestival Art Movies


Saturday, January 28


We are going on a trip to the 60s, 70s and 80s! There will be a looped screening of original Super8 travel films, films that depict of important events, and more personal footage of day to day life. You can look forward to a film of people with red hair on a day out, beautiful images of a beach dating from the end of the 70s, scenes from the Russian Sate Circus, images shot on the streets of New York at the beginning of the 80s, an ordinary birthday film from Haarlem in the 60s. And there will be fiction films as well. Because people actually wrote scripts and shot lists, shot the footage and edited it by hand!

Next to the screenings of the original material, there will be digital screenings with performances by modern day artists. They will interpret the original films, and use new layers of sound and music to create a dialogue between the then and the now.

Terminal Super8 Team: Daniel Zimmer (initiator), Jaco, Julian Bell, Julie Dassaud

19:00 – 23:00 TERMINAL: Super8 Expo continuous film screenings
19:00 – 21:00 concert room: Super8 Art Movies with special screening: 19:15 EDGES ( 13 min)
20:00 concert room Jaap Pieters selection of art movies


Prolific and long time experimental filmmaker Jaap Pieters is flying in from Schwarzwald especially for the festival! With an extreme alertness to the day to day things happening around him, Pieters creates portraits or documents of small events that are usually not longer than one Super8 cassette. Pieters is an advocate of analogue film and never uses digital techniques. He will screen a selection of his own works.


Ester Eva Damen is a visual artist and filmmaker. She studied art at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam. As a director and scriptwriter she graduated at the Dutch Film & TV academy and pursued an MFA at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten.

Ester Eva Damen’s work can be seen within the context of visual art. During the manifestation ‘The Eternal Body’ she realized an 8mm film installation in Rome and Utrecht in collaboration with artist Anook Visser and philosopher Erik Hagoort. In 2010 the installation ‘A fire called home’ was made after a visit to the desert and a stay with the Bedouins.

One of the red threads in her work is the collaboration of film with dance and new music. She has regularly collaborated with choreographer Angela Kohlein and composer Yannis Kyriakides. Their dance film ‘RHOmbos’ (2001) – with a live performance by the Asko ensemble – was shown in various locations around Holland, including the Groningen Museum, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Holland Festival and was broadcast by Dutch TV. She collaborated with the composer Christina Viola Oorebeek and percussionist Arnold Marinissen on the short ‘Edges’ (2008). She made a video installation with choreographer Marta Reig Torres, ‘ o Santiago’ (2009) and worked with dancer Suzan Tunca on film(-installation) in Istanbul.

A close collaboration between the three artists involved, exploring the making of a new musical instrument, the Plexiphone a square of Plexigrass mounted on wooden supports, which conversed through sounds produced by original playing implements with the Super8 nighttime footage of carnivals, city roads and mysterious locations.


Arnold Marinissen: percussion
Ester Eva Damen: film
Muziek: Christina Viola Oorebeek