28-7 De Ruimte Buiten: Bird in a Glasshouse

De Ruimte Buiten Live: Bird in a Glasshouse

Saturday, July 28, start concert 17:00, entrance: donation

Bird in a Glasshouse (Femke Ravensbergen) is an Amsterdam based singer-songwriter and one-woman-band with her violin, vocal and electronics.

Bird’s music is a mix of pop, jazz, trip hop and electronic music. On stage she surrounds herself with musical instruments and electronic gear, creating live loops in her musical kitchen. It’s being cooked right there on the spot while Bird uses her instruments in an unconventional way. She just as well turns her violin into a contrabass as her voice into a drum kit.

Bird in a Glasshouse can be described as exploratory, non-conformist, original, vulnerable and creative. With her bright voice and mix of acoustic instruments and electronics she creates her own world. “I want to amaze my listeners. I lure them in with familiar grooves and melodies just to have them hooked up with the unfamiliar in the end.” Meanwhile crossing borders of not only one, but several genres.

Bird’s musical hero is the Dutch percussionist and looper artist Binkbeats. “He has a great ear for intriguing sounds of original instruments and weaves them seamlessly into his electronic soundscapes”. Massive Attack, Andrew Bird, Björk and the Dutch Awkward I are as well on Bird’s great-examples list. It’s no surprise you hear their influences in her music.