RUISBURO: Saverio Rosi, Martijn Comes & Martin Reints

Sunday, August 28, 20:30, entrance €6

RUISBURO is our latest series of nights featuring cutting edge electronics, drones, ambient and field recordings.

Martijn Comes and Saverio Rosi will present the result of their week-long residency, in the form of a concert and presentation, inspired by the city of Amsterdam. To top this off, Martin Reints will read from his own poetry.

SAVERIO ROSI has investigated the electroacoustic sound and its “psycho/environmental” implications since 2008. His personal musical research is a synthesis that is substantially a reduction-subtraction of the sound material: a palindrome sound that proceeds by repetition and reversal emerges from this process.

He is the founder of Discreet records, a label focused on free electronic, avant and improv sounds. With the moniker “Least upper bound”he released works for DNA, Laverna, EphreIm print, Many feet under. He has performed in many festivals and art events and he has released two studio album as Sentimental Machines (with Attilio Novellino), on Laverna (It) and Dronarivm (Rus).

MARTIJN COMES (1979) is a Dutch composer, specialised in new media, sound design and electro-acoustic composition. He wrote diverse works based on research in popular music, contemporary music and classical music combining elements of various acoustic+digital aesthetic, composition techniques and sound design in six releases with ‘Infinite Spaces and Beyond’ (2014), ‘Wolf’ (2015), ‘Tradition Noise (2015)’ and ‘Radio Oblivion (2016)’ being his most recent albums, which all were critically acclaimed.

He has written critiques for broadcasting network the VPRO (Vrije Geluiden) and he is an avid curator of concerts and host of two national radioshows in the Netherlands, ‘Kraak Helder’ and ‘Inventions for Radio’, both featured on the Concertzender. Both programs focus on promoting innovative electro-acoustics and broadcast art. Collaborations include the New BBC Radiophonic workshop.

MARTIN REINTS (1950) publiceerde de essaybundel Nacht- en dagwerk (1998) (J. Greshoffprijs) en de dichtbundels Waar ze komt daar is ze (1981), Lichaam en ziel (1992) (Herman Gorterprijs), Tussen de gebeurtenissen (2000), Ballade van de winstwaarschuwing (2005) en Lopende zaken (2010). Begin 2017 verschijnt een nieuwe bundel: Wildcamera. Reints levert eens in de paar weken een bijdrage aan de website van De Groene Amsterdammer.

In 2015 verwerkte Martijn Comes twee lange gedichten van Reints (‘Strech limo’s’ en ‘Moeras’) tot een radiofonisch hoorspel.