Space is the Place -New Year Party- Scheen solo/Windisch 4tet/Heurtebize solo

Thursday, January 3, music starts 21:00, €8 / students € 5

The post-lyrical improvisations and compositions by Michiel Scheen (1963, Amsterdam) are fortunately characterized by for instance crispy harmonies, phonic fantasies, vibrating melodies and interim
scores. The international press described his work as ‘post-Monk, post-Mengelberg even’..

Michiel Scheen – piano

By means of an acoustic guitar and small percussions, often aggregated like breeding snails, Amsterdam based Guillaume Heurtebize [ɡijom œʁtəbiz], constructs solo improvisations which
he understands as a journey. Sometimes with stopovers, sometimes
like a heap of images. May contain traces of fairness and dirt, movement and stillness, noise and un-noise.

Guillaume Heurtebize – guitar, percussion


Stefan Lievestro, Natalio Sued and Julius Windisch met for the first time in Amsterdam, the past October. Tonight they are joined by Tristan Renfrow to play original music by Julius and other tunes. This will be the group’s first concert ever in this constellation. Julius Windisch is enrolled in the European Jazz masters programme that he is going to graduate from in spring 2019 in Copenhagen. He is sometimes finding his way through the black & white keys.
Natalio, having studied classical music in Argentina and after having been a vibrant part of the Buenos Aires scene, has, since he moved to Amsterdam, been an active part of the European scene and beyond. He has been playing with Der Rote Bereich, Michael Moore, Matt Adomeit, Lars Dietrich and the Concertgebouw Jazz Orchestra. He really knows how to handle the saxophone.
Stefan Lievestro has been playing with Deedee Bridgewater, Chick Corea and was awarded the Deloitte Jazz Award in 2005. He teaches Bass at the conservatory of Rotterdam. He plays the bass very well. Tristan moved to Amsterdam from Milwaukee a few years back and has been playing with Harmen Fraanje, Matt Adomeit, Clemens van der Feen and other great players since then. He tours Europe regularly; no one ever knows what he is up to. He usually is able to play the drums in a good way.

Natalio Sued – saxophone | Julius Windisch – piano | Stefan Lievestro – bass | Tristan Renfrow – drums