DE RUIMTE BUITEN: King Ayisoba – acoustic ‘manpower’

Friday, June 30, 21:00, € 9*

* Money goes straight to the musicians!


King Ayisoba brings the traditional kologo music from the Upper East Region of Ghana with the energy and flavor of the twenty first century. A big star in Ghana, he sings in Frafra, Twi and English, and plays the kologo, a two string guitar with a calabash gourd resonator, rhythmic and melodic at the same time. After touring with ZEA in 2012, Arnold de Boer released ‘Modern Ghanaians’ on his Makkum Records, followed by 2014’s ‘Wicked Leaders’ and this year’s ‘1000 Can Die’, with guest features by Lee “Scratch” Perry, afrobeat legend Orlando Julius and more.

Tonight he plays acoustic with pure manpower on our terrace, De Ruimte Buiten!