4-8 De Ruimte is 5

De Ruimte is 5! + crowdfunding for new sound and light

Saturday, August 4, music starts 17:00, we ask for donations for our crowdfunding


After around 1000 concerts, two locations, a few nomadic months, followed by a re-reopening and a crowdfunding campaign, dinners, and lots of DIY-time, we’ve come out alive!

We’ve put together an intimate programme of some of our favourite musicians, and we’ll show you our plans for the year, including the official kickoff of our crowdfunding campaign.

Because it all started with a clay oven, we’ll serve pizzas. And we promise you, they’ll be better than the ones we served five years ago ;).

DJ Tim Parsnip (tropicalia, grooves, and obscure gems)
Vincenzo Castellana (Southern Italian folk stories and music)
Vincent Pino & Leah Blits (intimate gypsy sounds)
DJ Kees en de Singletjes
Sieto Soundsystem

pizzas from the clay oven